My name is Wilma Andersson and I am the founder of Wandersson Sports. Born and raised in Skellefteå. Like many others who are from Skellefteå, sport was and is an important part of my life. Played football since a young age and plays footy professionally abroad. Hope this company can help as many athletes and associations as possible, at all different levels.

Common questions

How to buy from you?

You can either buy directly from our webshop. Or you can contact us to collaborate and get better offers.

What do you sell to associations?

Everything you could possibly need for the medicine bag. But mainly consumables such as tape and plasters. But if there is interest in products you can't find, get in touch!

Where is your shop?

Right now we are only online. The company is based in Skellefteå. Since we have a strong connection to Skellefteå, you also get certain advantages when it comes to the local clubs.

But do you also sell other things?

Right now we have a limited catalog that can be expanded upon demand. Then we are developing a training product as well, but there is nothing that is for sale yet.


When we created the logo, we wanted a fairly simple design with a message.
In the background you can see a clear "W" and at the top of the W we chose to integrate a chess piece.
A queen to represent and remind all women of their strength.